The Problem

Are your children buried in their cell phones?
Is the internet interfering with work, school and family life?

Concerns about digital safety and overuse are growing both within the medical community and the general public. Compulsive Internet overuse is linked to significant problems with school grades, work productivity, personal relationships and family life.


The lure of the digital world is often stronger than common sense. In our practice we see its growing negative impact. Our clients come to us for the tools and solutions appropriate to their circumstances, family systems and goals. They learn, and teach their children, how to make bold, conscious, healthy choices towards developing responsible digital habits.


Many organizations have an interest in helping their members better manage their internet use, even in the outside world. Schools may struggle to teach positive online behavior, corporations are affected by employees who are exhausted because they are online all night or who improperly utilize online resources during the workday and religious organizations may wish to foster minimal usage during specific periods. Confronting these challenges is complicated by the mission of the particular organization, understanding where an organization's influence on its members ends and determining effective approaches for reinforcing desired behavior that still fit into the organization's structure and mission.

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