We have the expertise and experience to help you and your family build a healthy, productive relationship with technology. Whilst we are digital enthusiasts, we understand the well-documented risks of our online world. Using a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model, we help our clients create a healthier relationship with technology.

Consultation Services

We work with schools, corporations, other organizations and families to support good digital citizenship. This might include working with a family to come up with digital usage agreements, educating parents about helping their child enter the online world, or speaking with schools about cyberbullying. Our consultation service applies the fields of interpersonal and family relations, developmental science and informational technology to our clients' unique situations and needs. Together, we help generate and maintain safe, healthy and creative approaches to online use.

We also assess healthy Internet use and overuse, referring to appropriate professionals or providing treatment ourselves as necessary.

Clinical and Coaching Services

The effects of chronic Internet overuse range along a continuum from occasionally annoying to life impairing. While many can make healthier choices with minimal intervention, others may be overwhelmed by depression, anxiety, difficulties with cyberbullying or growing dependence on online activities to meet emotional and self-esteem needs. Many clients can benefit from time-limited coaching with a focus on making healthier online choices. Other clients might need more substantial clinical interventions to focus on deeper-seated psychosocial struggles.

Dr. Rosenthal has over 10 years experience working with unhealthy Internet and technology usage, including cyberbullying, sexting, engaging with harmful material and compulsive media use. As an expert in the science and practice of behavior change, development and healthy use of technology, he is well suited to provide the best possible support and intervention.